You are Remarkable

If you are reading this, you are remarkable. If you aren’t reading this you are remarkable. We are all far more capable and remarkable than we are given credit for or that we give ourselves credit for.

Remarkable people use their strengths to strengthen themselves and others. You can do that – right. Pick one thing, today, that you are good at and ask ” how can this be of value to me, my family or my community?” Then do it, just do it.

If you are stuck, pick one thing that you wish you were good and ask ” how would this be of value to me, my family and my community?” Then do it, and get good at it.

Waiting won’t produce results or strengthen others. Procrastinating doesn’t improve the world. Patience isn’t actually a virtue, in most cases. Strive to become an impatient imperfectionist for the next 48 hours and see what happens. Maybe you will cause a stir, maybe you will stir the pot, or maybe you will stir some passion in your heart.

Make Today Remarkable, for someone you care about,


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