Abundance exists in any economy. If you understand that living an abundant life, one filled with enough and then some, then you can begin to understand that it can’t be measured merely by accumulation (or maybe not at all).

Stephen Covey said “People with a scarcity mentality tend to see everything in terms of win-lose. There is only so much; and if someone else has it, that means there will be less for me. The more principle-centered we become, the more we develop an abundance mentality, the more we are genuinely happy for the successes, well-being, achievements, recognition, and good fortune of other people. We believe their success adds to…rather than detracts from…our lives.”

What are the values in your principled-centered approach to the world? For me I celebrate some the questions that Wendy and Dave Ulrich pose in ” The Why of Work”.

1. Who am I? My abundance is built on a clear sense of who I am and why I use my strengths to strengthen others.

5. What challenges interest me? My abundance doesn’t exist in the absence of challenge but rather in how I respond to it.

7. What delights me? Simple pleasures like laughing (at ourselves), appreciating beauty, relishing excellence help me feel cared for, happy, and excited about life.

I am reflecting on;

3. Who do I travel with? My relationships, collegial, social and familial enhance my abundance when I honour the care, time and complexity it takes to sustain them well.

If you would like to read the complete list or follow up on their work check out the Ulrich’s work available on Amazon.

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