Don’t let a day go by when you don’t see a sunrise or a sunset or both. Let the dawn and dusk be bookends to your daily life. You have today to be and do as much as you can, to appreciate those around you, to contribute to your own success and make the world a better place. The sun goes down and marks the end of that day; a time to reflect (not dwell) on how you approached the bitter and the sweet of the day. Did you lash out? Were you open to possibilities? Did you accept and adapt? Who did you add value to? Why?

The rising of the sun is a new beginning, regardless of yesterday or all your yesterdays. You get to reboot and start being a person you admire and want to spend time with. You get to choose how to use some of your time. You can apply yourself differently. Apologize of necessary, ask questions where possible and appreciate the blessings of today.

A then another sunset and sunrise. If you are fortunate, you get about 28000 of each. Yse them to mark the passage of time but also to mark your time on earth.

Make Today Remarkable.

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