Too Weak for Gossip

The Human Brain is too Weak for Gossip by Neal Bearden in a December HBR article begins with ” Gossip is evaluative talk among familiars about a third party who is not present.”  This is all too common and usually goes unpunished and for the most part is thoughtless (without thought and without care). The  evaluation may only be based in opinion or bias and that too often goes unchallenged. What gives gossip its stickiness?

Is it the herd gathering to claim a slight by a common foe? Does some common prejudice or imagined  wrongdoing erase the need for valid metrics? Is it that cowardice loves company and rather than discuss the concern openly with the third person? Or have we just become less productive and more petty?

Maybe all of that is true or none of it but my challenge is for you to examine your motives before you drag someone into a gossip gabfest? Is there something of value that can/will be achieved? Likely not. If you have something to say – be courageous and say it. If you can’t, it likely isn’t worth saying.

Make Today Remarkable by doing something remarkable,


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