Health is more than Being Healthy

My training schedule for this week seems a stretch.

40 min x-train
50 min run with 8 * 1min hard 2 min rest in the middle
35 min x-train
65 min run with 6*20 second uphill strides
40 min run or 70 min x-train
Even after today’s cross training, the workload seems like A LOT.
It isn’t that the amount of time or energy seems. It is my head getting in the way saying ” this is too hard, you can’t do. You should just quit”. It is the ‘lizard brain’ according to Seth Godin that is getting in my way.
It happens often. When I am starting a new project, trying to eat healthier, making a commitment the voice in my head says ” Give up”.
That is why I need to focus, at the start,  on getting through the first 6 minutes of running, the first 500 words, the first veggie snack (rather than chocolate) not the destination.  Finishing a hard run or 3000 words is the impetus for the voice and until I make some early strides it can sound like a shrieking child. But if I focus and push forward to a marker, it becomes quiet, until tomorrow. I have never got to a place where the  complaining, nagging, negativity is gone but I have crested a mental divide where the lizard brain gives up more quickly.
Focus today on finding a marker for your mental health.
Make Today Remarkable, by quieting the voice, for a little while.

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