Why are you Wearing Blinders?

Apparently humans have a range of vision of 200 degrees.  That means that we can see slightly behind us and everything in front of us. So why do we become so narrow focused in out pursuit of innovation, solutions to social issues, or better ways of doing things?

It is easier to just trod down a familiar path unaware of the hints our eyes are collecting. Familiarity breeds complacency and they have a child named Mediocrity. Try looking in unusual places – buy/borrow magazine subscriptions for topics that would never interest you, peruse blogs on subjects that don’t seem to connect, sit quietly in a garden or go to a noisy club, get some exercise or meditate or both, do something (anything) that you wouldn’t normally do. And then heighten your observations by writing about the experience. Capture way too much detail, be overly analytical and poetic at the same time. Ask why five times. Then expect something new to come to you in the next 48 hours. The newly imagined may not be plausible and certainly not perfect but you are accessing a place where a new offspring might be conceived. What  would you name her?

Make Today Remarkable, by extending your vision,


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