Mayhem Ensues

The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. ~ Robbie Burns

I am a great believer and fan of planning. I already have a plan for next year’s excursion to California and we are still ‘livin the life’ in Oceanside for this year.

When we toured Scotland a few years ago, my beloved said that her favorite spot was Sterling because I only had three things planned each day.

I fell into the Freedom 55 plan. The buy and hold dollar cost averaging plan was  our strategy on the advice of our advisor.

Our kids had their education plans. We planned for our own funerals.

Yet the unexpected reared its head and set the best plans astray.

Inflation, recession, illness, preferences, people, weather, … jumped up and bit my butt.

Appreciate the planning, play it out as best as possible, expect mayhem to ensue, embrace the chaos and adjust.

Now there’s a plan.

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