Feeling blue this week, partly my mental illness and partly my selfishness, I realized that I won the lottery 60 years ago. I was born in a place where possibility, prosperity, passion and political certainty are present. I have enough of everything. ( when I get depressed, it is when I forget that). I can imagine and achieve nearly anything ( another sub 5 minute mile, the exception). My family is healthy, including my 87 year old mom and if it wasn’t there is fairly reliable treatment available. Roof over head (pretty fancy by world standards), food on the table (diverse, tasty, plentiful), daily learning and teaching opportunities (even when they are unwanted), a safe community, a community of faith ….

The abundance in my life, that is lavished upon me daily, is remarkable. And yet, I can wallow. How do you overcome the feelings of scarcity in so much abundance?

3 thoughts on “Appreciation

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    I can truly identify, after having visited recently on of the poorest countries on the planet. I was especially struck by my own lack of appreciation for what I have, in stark comparison to the joy and happiness I encountered from those who are satisfied with a meager existence.


  2. A dear friend of mine was very wealthy as well and suffered from the scarcity in his abundance as well. When we were much younger we were lovers and life took us in different directions because of that abundance. At that time the abundance was more important than following his heart. I am not trying to make you sad I am only telling my story. I Lost him in 1997 when he decided to take his own life. The abundance was not enough. I loved him more than life itself and miss him everyday. Sometimes I know he is with me giving me the strength I need to make it thorough the difficult times.
    I don;t know how to tell you how to relieve those feelings, I think that giving back to those you have loved and who love you would help if you don;t already.

    May you you have peace and happiness in your abundance!



  3. Two thoughts: The first, This never comes across right without some context, but ever since Landmark, I’ve really held on to “empty and meaningless” to give me comfort. Meaning that we have all the power to assign whatever we want, to whatever we want. We decide what is good and bad. I get in funks and feel that I can pull myself back a bit, sometimes I laugh out loud at what meaning I was assigning. The second appeared today, and reminded me of asking my coach “I just feel like staring at the wall.” He replied, “So give yourself time to stare at the wall. Stop making it wrong.” http://simplereminders.com/20150124015548.html


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