What are You Doing to Improve Your Health

Right now, this moment as you read this post – what are you doing (not considering or thinking about) for your personal healthcare? Nothing? If you aren’t taking action to be healthy then you are taking action to be ill, unwell, unhealthy. There are consequences. I am not suggesting that you need to make radical changes (maybe your doctor should offer that prescription), I am asking you to become aware of your choices. That burrito with mexifries and all the trimmings is a choice (one I have made often) that is fraught with consequences. Walking two flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator has different consequences. We seem to move through our convenient lives oblivious of the ramifications.

I respect and support your freewill and your right to make whatever decision is right for you (leaving me and others unharmed) but you have a responsibility to be aware, acknowledge and accept the results of those decisions (holding me and others blameless).

Our disease management system attempts to absolve us of that responsibility but creating new diseases, procedures, drugs and treatments so that we can pretend we are objects of our health rather than active participants.

Right now, make a healthier choice and celebrate your participation. Try it again in 18 minutes, and again in 42 minutes … maybe all the choices won’t be the best but when they are; recognize that you chose and celebrate.

One thought on “What are You Doing to Improve Your Health

  1. Great article! Our bodies are incredible machines. As a nutritional counselor, it is so difficult to stand by and watch others self-destruct. However just as I can’t make anyone saved, I can’t make anyone healthy either. It must start from within. It’s personal choice and I’ll continue to remain encouraging without being a know-it-all.

    What’s even worse, some will rub it in that they eat fatty, processed foods (even though I express that anything is fine in moderation, their attitude is sad!) and there’s “nothing I can do about it, hahaha.” They believe that’s funny until they become diabetic or develop heart disease. I choose life and vitality as you do. Blessings,


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