Make it Your Problem

Make it your problem (miyp) means accepting that your personal and shared responsibility are intrinsically woven. Together they empower and lead to a higher level of self awareness. We all need to stop delegating responsibility until and unless we have done our share. Even after ‘doing your share’ there may still be more that needs to be done. Asking “what can I do?” and then acting on it is admirable, asking “what else can I do?” is amazing.

Today, look at your world, neighbourhood, home with a new set of eyes. Eyes that will see a problem, an issue, a conflict and not shirk, shiver or hide but step into the void and take some action – almost any action is better than the status). No excuses, no if onlys (if only they would …).

For 7 years, I got to be part of feeding up to 2000 hungry kids in Calgary and on my best days I begin that action with the question “if your brother’s child was hungry, what would you do?” I tried to find the most immediate, relevant and concrete action I could take and jumped in with both feet. At least I was doing something that I could then improve upon.

Your action may not be an everyday routine. It might appear as a walk that needs shovelling, a friend that needs a coffee, trash that needs to be picked up, using reusable grocery bags, planting/weeding a community garden …

If your eyes and ears are open, your specific miyp will make itself known and then you get to act, in the best way you can.

Make Today Remarkable by making it your problem,


PS: I just realized that I am past 50 days of posting everyday – 365 doesn’t seem so far away.

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