I have tried everything; double knotting, reverse knotting, hard tugs, round laces, leather laces, square, flat but I still find myself with dangling laces flapping against my ankles before I get to 3km on a morning run. The simplest things seem the most difficult to solve.

What am I missing? Maybe the laces aren’t the problem, maybe it is something else. The holes on my shoes? The impatience that I feel? My shoes don’t fit properly?

How can I take a new look at a problem that has been perpetually a problem for many years? How can I use this classic POV story to assist me?

An automobile accident occurs. Two drivers are involved. Witnesses include four sidewalk spectators on each corner, a policeman, a man with a video camera who happened to be shooting the scene, and the pilot of a helicopter that was flying overhead. Here we have nine different points of view and, most likely, nine different descriptions of the accident.

Do I need to be the helicopter pilot for a while to understand what the true problem is?

What if we are looking at pressing social issues like poverty or global warming like I look at my shoelaces – tried everything and threw my hands in the air. Maybe going to 1000 ft or digging down 500 ft and looking at the issue would afford a different perspective.

Surely, we can end loose laces, poverty, climate change, racism, war if we take a different POV. We should at least look for 9, 90, 900 different viewpoints rather than continuing to try changing the results with the same laces.

Make Today Remarkable, by trying something completely different,


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