Jigsaw Puzzle


In the middle of Seth’s Blog post on  02/21 he says “Today, there’s no everyone, and certainly no media channel that can sell everyone, cheap, to the folks who market Jello”

I was taken by the idea that there isn’t an everyone anymore. ” Everyone agrees.”,  “Everyone knows”, Everyone likes”, ” Everyone wants”, were common phrases 15 years ago. This wasn’t because we had data that said any of these were factual, it was because we didn’t and could stereotype a single, single-minded set of expectations.

Today we activists, readers, parents, parishioners, consumers can opt in and out, personalize, adapt, combine ideas, products, processes and practices that fit them. The menu isn’t endless but the array can seem overwhelming.

The new ‘everyone’ message is a curated jigsaw  that allows the user to put the pieces together and create their own picture.

In southern California, the proliferation of micro breweries, brew-pubs, taphouses are creating beautiful tapestries that are competing with the mass produced products of the big machines.

How are you weaving a tapestry, painting a picture, putting together a puzzle?

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