The Road Less Gravelled

roadI was writing to congratulate a friend about a momentous change they just made in their career and was encouraging him to be excited by the journey. (A lesson I am constantly trying to learn and incorporate). Both of us, like many I know, are destination oriented. As I was typing (pecking really) I misspelled traveled (or spell check did) and it became gravelled. When I reread the sentence it sound more appropriate.

For the true urbanites, the Free Dictionary defines gravelled as; To apply a surface of rock fragments or pebbles or stones to a road. Gravel gives you traction on the road, especially in dangerous or difficult conditions. It allows you to think about something other than the road you are travelling because it keeps you between the  ditches and on the straight and narrow.

Maybe a little less gravel and a little more attention would help us focus on the present; the journey and appreciate how we are getting there rather than just on arriving.

I have a 3000 km drive next week and when I get back to Calgary a headlong rush to complete 4 projects before the end of April.  Maybe the lesson applies to both.

One thought on “The Road Less Gravelled

  1. A great post that really resonated. Definitely we are all too often too busy hurtling headlong into something or somewhere and fail to take the time enjoy the moments.


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