Take Action Today

The world we live in is full of good people that have stopped trying to make a difference. The unimaginable tragedies of the 21st century may have left them overwhelmed. They may have experienced dishonesty, deceit, or negligence in a previous experience and are afraid that will be the case again. Maybe they have encountered barriers to assisting others from processes, procedures, policies, or bureaucracy from government, agencies or charitable organizations. Maybe they are just tired of banging their head against a wall.

There is hope. There are everyday actions that individuals can take that will make a difference. Sometimes these actions will be small with a small ripple. Other times they may be bigger and generate a huge ripple. There are everyday actions that are being taken by small nonprofits and grassroots groups that are causing gigantic waves.

The purpose of Makeityourproblem.com is to help you find opportunities in your area, to generate fresh discussions on the issues and encourage you to become part of the solution. The issues of child hunger, homelessness, death from preventable diseases, climate change, torture, abuse, violence and all the other tragedies we face are unimaginable considering our resources and experience – yet they still persist. These unimaginable problems requires many as yet unimagined solutions. Are you ready to begin imagining?

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