Do Something Solo


We hear so much about collaboration, relationship building, cross pollination, generative energy that we can fall into the trap of needing to spend every hour with someone else. We need to be able to be with ourselves. Share our ideas with ourselves, reflect on the day, accomplish something (important) alone, make decisions by ourselves. But with busy agenda we often miss alone time in a day which turns into a week. If this sounds like you, start simple – book 30 minutes two days from now in your calendar and when the appointment comes up honor it like all the rest of the appointments in your calendar. Go for a walk alone, observe your world, breathe in some new air and ideas. When you get back to your computer, book another appointment for two days later and make it recurring.

Sit on a bench, hand write a letter, read something for pleasure, deeply ponder a problem, write a love note, draw, dance, sing, … alone.

You will be better for the 30 minutes solo and the world is  better when you are better.

Make Today Remarkable, solo,


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