Are you Feeling Lost?

GPSWhat do you do when your Life GPS isn’t working? Do you have a destination n mind? Have you set goals for this week, month, year, life? Has a detour been posted and an alternate route suggested? Are you able and willing to wait or do you need to go on an unscheduled adventure?

Life is chaotic and random, even for those who are strategic and planners. The butterfly of oil prices flaps its wings and suppliers of oil companies see reduced opportunity (or different possibilities). A gunshot rings out and a crisis explodes. A client loses a loved one and needs six months to recover. You have a health scare and can’t do as much as you thought.

Reality rears her head. What do you do? You can pout and sulk or you can take an unplanned adventure into some uncharted territory. I encourage you to think about the new possibilities. Where can you find a temporary oasis? Where can you weather the storm? Are you willing to change course and go through some rocky times without changing the destination?

The bumps in the road can cause discomfort but not complacency. Embrace the detour sign as a chance to see and do somethiing you might never have tried.

Make Today Remarkable, by turning off/on the GPS.

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