What is Your Possibility?

im possible

What is possible for you and who can help sow the seeds and help you nurture your dreams? The best person might be someone close enough to you to care but not so close that they are blinded by your grandeur. My beloved is my biggest fan but probably wouldn’t provoke tough questioning. The curse of perfection that paralyzes us with fear of failure or worse looking like a failure won’t be much help. If you have an imperfectionist in your life, someone who takes action first and then analyses adapts and acts, they may be able to help. Most entrepreneurs and those with abundant successful lives risk every day, some risks are small and some are great but they are willing, almost anxious to take the chance to build, fix, build fix … What are your tendencies? Do you act cautiously? Too cautiously? Are you waiting for external validation to move forward? Do you jump and build wings on the way down? Who is there, when you need them, to offer encouragement and measured criticism?They are the kind of person who can lead you to the edge of impossible and then help you discover new possibilities.

Are you ready for a live filled with abundance, challenges and opportunities? A coach may be able to boost/boot you to the next level. If you are ready to ‘level up’ please contact Remarkable People at bob@remarkablepeople.ca for more information.

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