I don’t know what the weather is like where you are but here in Calgary, the birds are singing praises to the coming spring. Nests are being built, gardens tilled, trees are budding and the hint of rain is in the air. The temperature today will be 18C/68F. We are having a picnic in the park and I am back wearing shorts. I had a great run this morning with only one layer instead of the two I needed earlier this week.

Spring is near. That is the anticipation I feel. Like a child waiting for Christmas morning it is both glorious and painful.

Something else is in the air or the air in my head. As this corner of the planet renews it triggers rebirth and excitement in me and the nest remarkable client, amazing opportunity, spectacular  project, exciting opportunity. I am sure that excitement begets excitement so I am going to hold on for the ride with eyes wide open watching for something I don’t expect, scanning the environment for something unusual, something challenging, something exciting.

Are you feeling the energy of the season? Are you opening up to the possibilities of growth? Are you head down, closed off, steadfastly trudging? Lift up your head and smell the air. Clear your head and let something creep in, maybe something that is right in front of you but you haven’t seen before. Spring is a remarkable time to rethink, reboot, reignite, reimagine and smile.

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