Every action or inaction, every word of encouragement or punishment, every decision has a consequence. The outcome can be positive or negative and will impact you and someone (many someones) else.


From the mundane to the important – did you let that motorist merge to did you tell your beloved/child/partner/friend that you love them creates a consequence ripple. If you vote, how you vote is another pebble. If you stop and consider the possible consequences of your choice, I think the world starts to become a better place. If we consider how are actions/inactions impact people (near and afar) I believe we make better choices. Stopping to think about someone other than yourself is the first step but I would be satisfied and grateful if I and all those I encounter took that step. Even if I/we choose to ignore the consequences, the brief cause to consider causes a ripple too.

I f everyone paused, ever so briefly, and considered someone else in the moment they mad a choice, I see a better future for us all.  I will never know how all my consequence ripples have impacted the world but I am determined to watch how the smallest choice can move the sand on my beach.

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