Are you Wearing a Mask?

Do those you meet you know what they see is who you are? Do your closest friends? Your family? Do you disguise yourself, even to yourself?

 Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet – thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing – consistently. This builds trust, and followers love leaders they can trust. ~ Lance Secretan

Authenticity is the feeling and practice of being true  to yourself and others.  It takes practice to be unwavering and  respectful and the same time. It takes courage to be the same with your boss as with your partner or mother.  It requires perseverance to be ready to expose your views, values, strengths and weaknesses and not hide behind a facade that holds others at bay.

I strive to be me in all situations. I am as opinionated and contrary with colleagues as with family. I am forthright with clients and grandchildren alike. My friends know I won’t agree just to agree. Mostly what they see is who I am. I had to begin living more holistically with fewer or no silos in my life. I couldn’t be Church Bob, Papa Bob, Advocatus Diablo Bob, Greenpeace Bob, Conservative Bob … I needed to reconcile for myself how I held seemingly opposing views in my value set so that I could authentically represent them in every situation. It took a long time to give myself the time to collect and reflect and as the world changes I need to be constantly examining my positions and adapting. Authenticity isn’t single minded resolve to never change, it is a commitment to let yourself and others know when and why you have shifted.  It opens dialogue doors and allows for important conversations both in my head and with colleagues, family, dissenters, and supporters.

Give yourself the time today, tomorrow and so on to collect your thoughts, reflect on them, come to an understanding of where you stand and then find a way to humly and respectfully begin sharing with others.

Make Today Remarkable, by becoming authentic,


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