Are you Afraid

Being a leader doesn’t mean you are fearless. It doesn’t mean you don’t have insecurities. It won’t mean that you are always happy. It does mean that you are a leader and you are human.

Leadership is a human endeavor. It requires trust, openness, and strength.  The best leaders(all true leaders) use their strengths to strengthen others. They insure that their followers have all the information, all the resources and all the autonomy to do the best job that they can. When excellence arises, leaders celebrate with their teams. When bumps in the road arise leaders ask, “what could I have provided/assisted with that would have contributed to success?” When the fan gets hit, leaders accept their responsibility and make hard changes to their efforts and mitigates risks, including human resources.

Leaders build up their followers, serve their followers and motivate their followers to be the best that they can. I won’t go as far as to say there are no bad followers only bad leaders but the mirror test is a great place for leaders to look when the unexpected happens.

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