No is a Great Answer

As long s we are learning from our efforts and finding a way to improve then rejection can be helpful even if it feels like punch in the stomach.  If you believe in what you are doing, why you are doing it and have tested it against your personal ecology, a luke warm or even hostile response is easier to accept and learn from. If you are attempting something tat you don’t believe in, then it gets much harder. I have been asked to do things, in my life, that rubbed me the wrong way, that I disagreed with, that felt wrong. In  some of those situations, early in my career, I did as I was asked/told. When I got rejected, it felt terrible because I was doing someone else’s bidding and for some reason I took the rejection personally. They were refusing me not the ask. They thought less of me not the pitch. They hated me not the action.

When I am more solid ground and am owning the action/request, the refusal is still personal but I don’t take it as personally. If I know that what I am asking is reasonable, specific, ecological and doable then any negative response isn’t about me  but how I have presented the options. I try learn from the situation by asking direct questions. “What could I do/say to make this more appealing to you?” I listen for what is answered and try hear what isn’t said and gather the information and assimilate what I can. Sometimes this opens a new door but it almost always provides an insight I hadn’t  considered.

Make Today Remarkable, by learning from No,


2 thoughts on “No is a Great Answer

  1. I have learned that by living my life in alignment with my belief’s and having to tell people “No” from time to time in the end has earned my more respect than going along with the current trend.

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