In the Eye or Ear of the Beholder

You have something beautiful to make and share today, every day. It may be a mini masterpiece of oil on canvas or oil in a pan. It could be poetry, or a conversation. You might make someone smile and that is pretty beautiful.

If you have a passion and/or a talent for visual arts, dig out your brushes, chisels or chalk and get busy sharing your inspiration and creation with the world. If you enjoy and/or have a flair for culinary masterpieces make a special dish today and share it with a loved one or a stranger. If you are a wordsmith, play with a rhythm and rhyme and post it on a forum or a cork board, read it aloud. Share a break with someone you know, don’t know, or would like to know and have a meaningful or silly conversation.

Be in the world creating beauty, even/especially beauty that causes a stir.

Make Today Remarkable, by making something beautiful,


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