Today’s Rant

Warning : this is going to sound like a rant because it is. Don’t read any further without being prepared.

Another big event, more interesting ideas and a ton of propaganda. I can sift through the BS and bias of most presenters but when they are speaking to an audience of potential or current supporters I don’t understand why they speak with such contempt. They do receive cheers and applause from the loyalists in the room but I watch many people cringe at the rudeness and logical fallacies that arise.

If I was trying to convince people that recycling (as an example) is a laudable and necessary action we should all take, I wouldn’t begin with ” if you aren’t doing this you must be living under a rock”. I wouldn’t mention by name someone who disagrees with my assertion and smear their character with ad hominum statements. I would challenge the argument but not the personality.

I use to think that ‘progressives’ were more aggressive but have come to understand that rudeness and contempt has no ideological position. It is rooted in ego and insecurity. A need to be adored and unchallenged.

I have purposefully not described the event or speaker that sparked this rant because I am resisting doing what they did. It is taking more control than I thought so I am going to stop here before I say something I would  eventually and surely regret.

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