Big Ideas Require Community

Actually if  big ideas are going to remain just ideas, they only require one person. One person who holds onto the idea, tightly, refusing to share out of ego, fear, or the unknown.

Big ideas that get recognized, get acted on, get changed, change something are finessed, financed, finalized and fun when a group/tribe/community rallies around it. Big ideas need supporters to promote, pitch in, and praise. When friends, family and colleagues come alongside your idea it has the chance to become remarkable. Big ideas need detractors (just a couple) who challenge, change, and check (and then cheer). Improvement comes from different viewpoints. Big ideas need hands and feet to test, adapt,retest, and lift and tote and bleed and sweat, and do whatever is needed to make the big idea into a remarkable action.

“I can do this myself (and get all the credit).” ” They will think I am crazy.” ” ” I don’t know if this is any good.”  might be the resistance you run into. Resist the resistance and share.

Make Today Remarkable, for yourself,


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