Liebster Award Nomination

Many thanks to Michelle Hanton for the nomination. Here are the questions she tagged me with.


My questions for the nominees are:

1) Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

My maternal grandmother was a homesteader at the  turn of the last century. She raised 11 children on a farm in the middle of Saskatchewan through the droughts of the 30′ and war of the 40’s. Starting in a sod shack, she built a house and then a home. There are hundreds of relatives in 4 generations who knew that she cared about them deeply. I was her favorite. At her funeral I discovered that everyone there thought the same thing.

2) Person you most admire?

John McKnight, a community developer in the Pacific Northwest who changed the way we build tribes today. His  book ” Careless Society” (1985) still impacts my decisions and informs my words and work.

3) What is the best life tip you have to share?

Work hard every day to live happily ever after.

4) Favourite way to spend a holiday?

Reading and writing on/near the beach so I can take a break and paddle.

5) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

The Orkney and Shetland Islands hold a personal and historical draw for me. We have trekked 7 of the 70 islands so have much history, biology, geology, geography, and anthropology to see.

I nominate

Ordering Cupcakes

For Impact Daily Nuggets 

Stand Up Paddle Surfing

The River Walk

And ask then to answer these questions.

1) How are you making meaning in your world?

2) Who are the two most influential thinkers in your blogroll?

3) What are you reading this month?

4) If you had $1234, what would you spend all of it on?

5) Where have you visited that is a must-return someday destination?

For more information on Liebster Awards  visit here.

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