The Unexpected Still Happens

Even on my best days I have unexpected challenges and opportunities. Knowing which are which and how to move forward is tricky. In 2008, I made a resolution to stop being a self righteous martyr to lost causes. I haven’t stuck to that very well and can still be blinded by tilting windmills. When my vision isn’t clear, I tend to ‘stick to my guns’ and plow ahead even when the unexpected suggests a different path. There are at least 4 reasons I refuse to detour; ego, lack of knowledge, fear, stubbornness – as I wrote those there are likely many more.


As of today, I am going to watch for the big Detour Ahead signs and take the turn, just to see where the road takes me. I can always return to the bump in the road and charge the way I was going.

solutions ahead

I am going to be open to the idea that the new route is offering a better way and if I ‘give it a try’, I might find a solution to the problem or a remarkable aspect I hadn’t considered.  I am going to (try) to see detours as opportunities to see something new, learn something else, and as an opportunity to improve.

Make Today Remarkable, by taking a turn,


5 thoughts on “The Unexpected Still Happens

  1. I love to open up to the law of synchronicity. When I just simply relax and stay open things just seem to come my way that lead me in the direction I need to go. Sometimes it seems to make no sense at all, but afterwords I think, “Oh I get it know”. “I was led here because of…..”

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    1. A discovery that the world has more to offer when I view it from a wider perspective. I can get passionately focused and that can be impactful but unless I drop the blinkers for a while I am working on a narrow band of possibilities.

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