Are You Working at Cross Purposes?

I attended an event last night where panelists talked about impact investing and choosing your portfolio based on the type of world you would like to have rather than just financial returns. They talked about using risk metrics in environmental, social, and governance categories to limit future losses. Divest from what you don`t want and invest in what you do was one panelists message.

It got me thinking about my life and whether I am working in one area that is contributing to a problem I am trying to solve in another. Am I aware? Am I willing/able to coordinate better? For example, I am training for a trail run on May 9 and am 10 pounds heavier than I should be so am watching my diet and eating healthier. So far so good. But last night I had 2 beer, delicious dark beers, that were 200 calories each and this morning I have an upset stomach because I have been avoiding alcohol. Seems like a small contradiction in action and intent.The category that needed a metric last night was social but I may also have a personal governance issue that needs to be addressed. When I am coaching a client we often discuss if the considered goal or action is ecological. Does it fit with your personal values and aspirations? If not – don’t do it.

If I am working on an affordable housing project should I be promoting appreciation which might make housing less affordable? Are there other investments of time, energy, health, intellect that I should consider investing in and where should I be divesting?

The event continues this morning with a message from Michael Shuman and I am sure he will cause me to consider more about myself. Maybe that is the point.

Make Today Remarkable, for your enviroment,


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