Keeping Up is Easier than Catching Up

Coming from an amateur procrastinator that title is borne from experience and some determination. I can convince/deceive  myself that I am smarter, faster, more effective than everyone else so I can blast out an assignment or commission at the last possible date. I do always get it done but if I had written for an hour each day for a week, I wouldn’t have needed to trade 7 hours of enjoyment for 7 hours of stress on a Saturday.

If I hang up my clothes or put them in the laundry, it takes 2 minutes but if I pile it on a corner chair, it clutters the room and changes the atmosphere. I still need to deal with the clutter that takes  10 minutes to sort through.

If I enter my expenses into a spreadsheet every week rather than once a quarter, I don’t feel guilty and rushed.

Taking small steps each day, habitually, means that I never need to swallow hard and ‘get it done, today’.

Make Today Remarkable, by keeping up,


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