Get it Done.

Many productivity experts offer a simple rule; “If something will take one minute to complete – do it immediately”. The small ‘to-do’s’ that pile up seem to evaporate using this practice. But I find I take about 40 seconds deciding if I can complete the task in a minute so I am proposing that you tackle everything that clearly can be finished in 2 minutes. Just get started at the task; answer the email, file the statement, read the one-pager, respond to a voice mail, send a text, put the laundry in the machine, …

I have been able to tackle and complete all of these in under two minutes and then I return to an area that requires 10,20 60 minutes  or more without allowing the nagging notifications to draw my attention. It may just be me but I  am better, I feel better and I produce better when I chase a few of these impending two-minuters away and can see the top of my inbox, my desk or the table.

The one minute rule or two minute version is counterproductive if you don’t reduce the number of times that you allow these burst tasks to draw your attention. Maybe start with an early morning ten minute session 5 to 10 tasks in ten minutes, a ten minute mid-day catch up, and then a just before quitting time dash  5 to 10 off the list.

I would love to hear how this practice impacts your day. How do you feel? How much did you get done?

Make Today Remarkable, doing some 2 minute bursts,


One thought on “Get it Done.

  1. I just don’t feel like lingering on with minute tasks…some people hold onto them to show they are busy. My point is why not just get done with them and then tackle the bigger ones with ease.


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