Sacred Scheduling

If it’s in the calendar, it gets done. ~ Gretchen Rubin


Without destroying spontaneity or sounding anal, “if it is important  it gets in your agenda”. All  calendar appointments should carry the same weight and the same priority. If you have difficulty choosing between priorities – work/family, friends/personal, social/meditation .. maybe beginning to schedule slots would be helpful. You need to have or create the habit of always honoring the agenda, with joy.

If you feel overwhelmed, open your calendar to two days from now and book an appointment with yourself to go for a walk from 11:15 to 11:45 and then do it. If you need some fun, send out a calendar invite to a friend or partner for 4:30 on Wednesday to do something that you haven’t done before (they will put it in their calendar too).

Does your family need you to join them for supper a few times each week but you find that you are still pounding out salt at 7 pm? Book ‘Quitting Time” for 4:46pm on Monday and Thursday and a standing dinner meeting for Sunday at 6 pm.

Are you getting stale? Schedule at DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) recurring appointment for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Whatever you schedule becomes more meaningful when you habitually honor the commitment (to yourself and others) – no excuses.

Make Today Remarkable, by adding two things to your calendar.


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