Is the Grass Really Greener?

I believe we should always be ready and willing to look for other opportunities for employment and residence but how can we know if something else will really be an improvement?

I wonder if we have given our current surroundings a careful and honest evaluation. Are those tasks, incidents, personalities as troubling as we have imagined? Has a natural restlessness settled in? It may pass. If the circumstances are caustic, abusive, contrary to your values then an exit is appropriate and should be as soon as possible. But, if there has been a minor clash over an approach, performance, expectations and you are feeling unappreciative, evaluation may be needed. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and if it hurts you, it likely hurts them. If you are yearning for something/ someplace different ask ” am I needing the change or am I chasing someone else’s dream?” It may be that moving won’t bring resolution because wherever you go that’s where you are and you find some comfort in being uncomfortable.

The grass often looks greener because of perspective and if you walk in the other pasture you may discover the mirage.  Take a stroll and check out the surroundings before you jump over the fence.

I don’t know your situation but it may be that your lawn needs some weeding and nurturing rather than a new location.

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