Remarkable Action

Now that you have found a cause/issue that you are passionate about and spent some time raising your awareness of the issue and gained understanding and respect for the impacted population. You are ready to act.

There are two possible approaches. You can take immediate , relevant, and concrete (IRC) action using existing skills, possibly the same skills that you use everyday in your job, or you can take a completely different role and learn new skills.. If you do a lot of public speaking at work then maybe you can become a voice for change. If you do artwork or design find a way to be creative. If you are in sales, raise funds or pitch change. Managers could organize group action, tradespeople can paint,wire or plumb an at-risk families home. An IRC action can be very effective and efficient if you are using familiar skills, strategies and tactics.

However, on your way to becoming a Remarkable Action Hero you can try new tasks, take on new responsibilities, and develop new skills. The action may not come as quickly but your new skills can make future opportunities easier. You may also acquire new skills and then decide to change jobs to utilize your learning.

Don’t let a lack of experience deter you from making a difference. Use your skills and gifts or take on new challenges and learnings to make a difference,. The key is – You can make a difference.

Make Today Remarkable, by taking action,


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