Nobody is going to finish this damn thing for me, except me.  I have heard this many times, said it a lot, thought it more. It refers to so many things. When I am running at a pace or distance that exceeds my norm, I think about quitting but realize I am the only one that can get to the finish line. When a writing assignment, white paper, chapter, sermon is on the agenda and everything else, including the laundry seems more important, I remember that no one else is going to step forward and pick up my responsibility. When it is hot outside (or cold) and there is yard work or projects and I want to wait until tomorrow, next week, never it is obvious that unless I hire or coerce someone it isn’t getting done without my effort.

How many times in a week do you need to remind yourself that you are the adult who has signed up for an adult life full of deadlines, expectations, goals, responsibilities? I confess that most weeks I would need the reminder more than 20 times ( 15 of which is enough to get me going again). Being an adult isn’t easy, it shouldn’t be. We all have damn things that need to get done and we damn well need to do them.

My commitment for this week May 4-11, 2015, is to get them all done – no excuses.

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