Our Stories

The stories we listen to shape us. The stories we share represent us.
The stories we hold dear define us.

People read us, our nature, by our stories. Whether we are shaping the future for a child through the reading or retelling of a classic tale or we are blogging about current affairs or a treasured memory – we are in story. Oral tradition encouraged the written capture of our thoughts, experiences and emotions. Everyone has a story. Everyone is a story. Learn how to capture yours and share it.

Last night I was on a panel on storytelling as  part of ” Reading Town” in Calgary.  A diverse group discussed the importance of story in our lives, our community, our work, and social change.

A neighbourhood historian talked about the importance of understanding our place and its past so that we understand the context of our pond and why it looks and feels the way it does. When we represent numbers as stories they can come alive and resonate with the audience, especially those who tend to the left side of their brain was the message of a math tutor. A community organizer worried that we are losing the important books that shifted values and changed the world, like the Feminist Lit of the 1980’s

I began with ” I don’t know if this really happened but I know  it is true” to try explain how stories, great stories, our stories reside in more than our head. They capture us, correct us, caress us and change us whether we are the teller or the hearer.

In order to be restored we must be restoried. Our narrative nudges us and sometimes drags us towards tomorrow. If we can make a small change in the back story, it can dramatically impact the future.

Make Today Remarkable, by sharing a chapter of your story,


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