In a minute Everything Can Change.

I admit I have said ” I am going to pay more attention every day, enjoy more sunsets, love more deeply, read more widely.” and then proceeded to take another day for granted as if I have an infinite number ahead. There needs to be some harmony between adding days to my life and adding life to days. A tragic accident last weekend where a young person made a good decision and took a taxi home only to be killed when an impaired driver crashed into them made me again realize that I only have today (realize again). I pondered that for a couple days but returned to putting aside important things (relationships, recreation, reflection, reading ..) for things my brain tricked me into thinking were urgent (emails, tweets, television, texts …).

On Tuesday, when I was doubled over in severe pain with a fever and vomiting, the reminder came up again. Today is all I have. Plan for tomorrow but live for today, find harmony. Turns out I likely have a kidney stone and an ultrasound should confirm but it could have been something serious.

Make your relationships (hear loving, listening, sharing) , your health( hear mental, physical, emotional) , your recreation (hear enjoying the life you have) , your development (hear reading, learning, discussing)  your priority for today. Repeat tomorrow and for another 17 days.


3 thoughts on “In a minute Everything Can Change.

  1. Reflection is such a beautiful thing. We hear then the inner urgings of our very souls but then come the distractions…the little things we must battle to hold onto those inner words of sage advice. Thank you for this post. I hope that everything is okay. Will keep you in my prayers and will take to heart your sage advice.


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