You are Needed.

We need you to be a leader, to take up a challenge and serve, support and steer a group of people. You need to be open to the opportunity to share your passion, your strengths and your experiences. You are uniquely suited to guide a project, a piece, an idea in your workplace, in your faith community, in your tribe. You can leverage the gifts and experiences of those around you to achieve an as yet unimagined outcome.

Listen to your heart, the voices in your head, the revelation from those around you. Intently listen and then take up the challenge and trust that those who rally really want to add to the project or initiative. Listen to their input, acknowledge their feedback, include and celebrate their suggestions and make a well reasoned and intuitive decision. Move forward with confidence, courage and commitment.

Whether you are innovating or inventing a product, improving or investigating a service, imagining or improving an idea the process is similar. The stamp that you put on it is yours, yours alone. If someone else is forced to lead because you resist or refuse then the stamp will be something else, likely something less.  Your time is now. In this time, in this place, with the people surrounding you, you should expect miracles. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

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