The best teachers are those who tell you where to look but don’t tell you what to see. ~ Alexandra Tenfor

Discovery is exhilarating. Adventure is contagious. Learning something new that embraces both is remarkable. If you are given a map but not the route, it may take a bit longer to get to your destination (or maybe you find a new destination) but you may discover something completely unexpected.

What are you learning? Are you engaged in personal development? When was the last time you set out to gain new knowledge, skills, or perspective? Is it time?

For most technical, mathematical, scientific there is a requirement for some foundation but the exciting innovations or ahas is when a tangent is opened and allowed. For most of our interest based quests for knowledge, we already have a base and can take a alternate, a less conventional approach.

If you are imparting, sharing or guiding try less spoon feeding and more of generous approach. The teacher chooses how the gift is offered and you can open the atlas to the right map and then help them avoid immanent danger. We get a lot of pablum and not enough jambalaya. Doing some digging adds that spice to the dish of knowledge. I don’t remember the taste of blandness but I certainly remember where and when I was awakened by an unfamiliar flavour.

Make Today Remarkable, by adding some spice to life,


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