Questions about Worth

What if we were measured by what we did for our family and community rather than what we own? What if my net worth was expressed in terms of my contribution to my neighbors? What if you were rated by your generousity, caring and service?

Would it change how we chose to spend our time? Would I see people around me differently? Would you still have the same friends?

How much is a phone call to a troubled colleague worth? Is there a price I can put on driving my elderly neighbor to the doctor? Do you value someone who is there for you, when you need someone?

There is a Chinese practice known a quanxi that in its purest form means relationships. Dictionary.com defines it as “a Chinese social concept based on the exchange of favours, in which personal relationships are considered more important than laws and written agreements” This isn’t quite what I am referring to but the expectation that I will respond when someone reaches out seems honorable regardless of the motivation. If we practiced quanxi with our family, friends and neighbors would this enrich our lives? Our relationships? Our communities? I believe so.

Make Today Remarkable, by increasing your relationship worth,


8 thoughts on “Questions about Worth

  1. This is an extremely interesting concept, and I think it would definitely enrich all our lives if we measured our wealth this way. I am sure it would add better ‘value’ to a somewhat financially measured world


  2. We all have a much bigger impact on the people we come into contact with than we may ever realize. A simple smile, a kind word, a gesture may have immeasurable affects on the receiver and we may never know that our interaction had any impact at all. But have faith – that by doing good in all things, the universe will notice and repay in kind – from unexpected places, people and times.

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