I Guess I am One of Those People.

You know them. They appear at every public meeting. They are invited to dinner parties. They are in our neighborhood coffee shops. They are in our clubs, our churches, our gyms, and our parks. Those people who have an opinion about everything are everywhere.

Apparently I am really one of those people. When invited into a conversation, implicitly or tacitly, I join in. I am told that I can dominate because I appear to be so certain of my position. I’m not. Not always. I admit to using words as a provocation. I have said many things I wasn’t sure about or that I might not have believed in order to move the conversation. In my defense (classic, statement from someone who is  deflecting) I am listening to the responses, mostly out of curiousity, and hoping to learn something new.

Discussion is too important to not be generative. Your words urge me to add and I hope my words compel you to join in.  Does that approach  work for extroverts and introverts equally? My real opinion is that we are becoming isolated and distant from each other because we don’t spend enough time in deep, meaningful conversations. We are missing opportunities to connect, to get to know each other, to enter relationship.

Take up the challenge with a safe group – family or close friends and see if you can draw them into a 30 minute discussion about something that is important to all of them.

Make Today Remarkable, by having a discussion,


3 thoughts on “I Guess I am One of Those People.

  1. I do this on occasions also and sometimes there are those who call me on it. But the art of conversation includes so many facets of communication that sometimes simply get caught up in it and feel we must speak when the energy comes around.

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