My Artist’s Date and my Personal Manifesto…

I am exploring examples of personal manifestos and there is lots in Estrella’s I like.

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I’m a bit late in posting about my Artist’s Date, which was the assignment for Week 18 in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly.

In my last blog post, I said how great it’d be to take yourself on a date and do something that inspires you. And I was hoping that for me, it would be as simple as a walk in the Botanical Garden which I’ve been meaning to write about (and a relaxing walk through it while taking lots of photos sparks my creativity, and at the end of said walk I’d rush home to put all my thoughts to paper).

Well, needless to say that walk never happened. The Tulips aren’t in bloom anymore, so I put the walk off and haven’t realized it until the week had past.
So my big date turned out to be a Saturday in. I went out to toss the trash…

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