Four plus or minus Two

Most of us carry a lot of stuff around in our heads. There is evidence that we can really only manage four important things (plus or minus two) at a time. But we can’t just dump a couple to make room for something new. We need to deal with the issue, idea or inspiration in some way to unlock the space.


If I have said something to someone I care about that was disrespectful and requires an apology, I use up kinetic energy and head space (whether I acknowledge it or not). If I have a deadline that is looming and I am procrastinating – more head space used. A birthday to plan, an appointment at 2, a promise to keep and suddenly there is not room for more. A grocery list is forgotten, a friend is ignored, medication is missed and we chalk it up to old age or forgetfulness.  Maybe it is the ‘No Vacancy”  sign hanging in your head.

I need to clear the recesses  and deal with the space problem by dealing with the issues, ideas, or inspiration. Surprisingly, when you start spring cleaning, you discover some bug space users that have been hiding in the recesses. These are the  emotional baggage that hasn’t been dealt with. Saying sorry or feeling resentment, remembering a friend but not acting on it, carrying a small hurt with you until it has grown to a big deal all take up head space (and heart space). When you do your spring cleaning (really a few times a week clean) watch for the baggage and act on them. The simple act of saying something you need to say or doing something you need to do will release space for something else that is important.

Start dusting your brain and clearing the cobwebs right now.

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