A Day for Rebirth

Today is Pentecost in the Christian calendar. For those of us who are part of a church, this is a day of rebirth and renewal. A new order was and is established. Whether you call yourself a follower of Jesus or practice another tradition or declare that you are outside faith communities you can claim this day as a new beginning.

Use today to accept and embrace your calling to make a difference in your world. To declare that you are ready and willing to step into an world of the pursuit of happiness, at times selfish,self centered happiness, and begin a pursuit for meaning.

You can make meaning starting today as you use your strengths to strengthen others. My make it your problem philosophy and practice suggests  that you begin with something small and proximate. Something you see. When flying into San Francisco a few years ago I saw a sign that said “ If you see something say something”. Even though this was a Homeland Security sign, it stuck with  me. If I see something say something, compels me to be observant of the world around me . It challenges me to speak up, in person, to authorities, or directly. It opens me to the world and how I can make a difference in an immediate, relevant and concrete way.

It challenges me to say something, do something, be something that is of service to my world.

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