Decide what you stand for. And then stand for it all the time. ~Clayton Christensen

Knowing what your values are creates the base for making meaning in your work and world. Stating your values publicly holds you to account. There will still be struggles; temptations to waver from what you stand for but the spoken and written declaration acts as inspiration and a reminder to be strong.

My Declaration.

I believe that everyone is far more capable than they are given credit for.  That means that as a leader, I need to nurture, provoke and equip all those around me to be the best that they can be. I need to ensure that they have the tools and knowledge to make great decisions and create remarkable results. I must let them know all the awesome stuff they are doing (specifically) and help them understand where they can improve. The environment needs to support autonomy, mastery and purpose. (Daniel Pink) Failure needs to be an option and dissent an expectation. Freedom to explore must be embedded. Transparency creates the open window and provides the oversight.

As A leader I need to allow myself all of the above too. I am far more capable than I give myself credit for.

Make Today Remarkable, by being remarkable,


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