Say Yes to What Matters

Say yes to what matters and no to everything else. Now you just need to figure out what matters. We, all of us, can get caught up in accepting new assignments, signing up for new opportunities, and agreeing to help with a project that isn’t on our priority list. Away from our employment, we have permission to only undertake things that fit with our values and will add meaning to our lives and the world we live in. Even then, we can still say no if the opportunity will reduce your time spent in loving and caring relationships, meeting existing commitments or are contrary to our long term goals.

My delusions of grandeur and a propensity to be a self righteous martyr has had me saying yes when my head, heart, agenda recognized that I should say no. I am getting better as I am conscious  of my resources and relationships and how I desire to live a life of meaning and make a living. I can do both but not if I say yes to every request. My 168 hours a week are enough to do remarkable things. If I sleep 50, write for 20, exercise for 10 I still have 88 hours. Coaching and consulting  48, Reading 18, Relationships 22 and now something suffers. I likely start detracting from my personal time, less sleep or less reading or less exercise. If I continue to say yes, my relationships begin to suffer.

For every new thing I say yes to, I should realize that I am saying no to some existing goal or desire. I still find myself over extended on many occasions but the more I practice discerning what matters and saying no to other stuff, the better able I am to add value  to my yes bucket.

Make Today Remarkable, by saying no, just once,


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