Another Obstacle, Another Opportunity

Our lives aren’t really supposed to be clear sailing, even when we are doing all the right things for all the right reasons. There needs to be some tension in our lives  so we know we are alive.


Some obstacles creep up on as and others jump right out of the woods. Either way they are chances to seek assistance from colleagues, friends, family or a complete stranger. An opportunity to request more information, draw from someone else’s experience, to learn something new and show a bit of humility.

Obstacles are also opportunities to test your mettle and your commitment. Are you strong enough to find a way around the barrier? If not, why not? Are you clever enough to see a better perspective and take a small/large detour? Do you believe in the idea/action enough to be tested by a struggle?

Embrace obstacles and allow any tension they create to permeate you and your work space. Acknowledge the struggle to yourself and others.  When you overcome the barrier, record the actions you took so you can share the experience with others. Observe your new surroundings and be aware that the fair weather you are in is likely very temporary. There is another small storm or a becalmed moment ahead waiting to be celebrated and concurred.

Make Today Remarkable, by taking up a challenge,


12 thoughts on “Another Obstacle, Another Opportunity

  1. Never fall totally in love with the destination – most often that dream is the transportation to bring you to your real purpose – there is a seed of good within every ‘bad’ situation, embrace that chaos each time to discover who you are to become and who you will serve

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