The Sun Will Come Out

I  had a number of clients this week, express a sadness and sense of helplessness. They couldn’t put their finger on why – or they couldn’t initially. They are happy in their jobs, relationships and have relatively good health. Still there is a disillusionment, angst, or uneasiness lurking.

Usually the source of these feelings can be identified and a plan created to help overcome the triggers. This week it wasn’t that simple. They were all putting themselves in unhealthy, unproductive places (physically) and their surroundings were sapping their energy and optimism.

We feel differently, act differently and are different based on how we are being impacted by the activities, people and stress around us. If I need to drive in heavy traffic to get to an appointment, I can begin to sense this change after only 5 minutes. By 30 minutes, I am tense, upset and under the wrong circumstances, angry. In this case I can’t remove myself from the circumstances but I can change the immediate reaction and mitigate the longer term stress. I can change the environment in my car and in my head with (for me) a good book on tape or if someone is with me a great conversation. When I am aware that I am facing an issue or observe myself reacting to my surroundings, I can take some action to modify my space and my reaction. It begins with a willingness to be mindful of where and who you are around and how and why you are feeling any negative emotions.

My clients will still find themselves in anxious and unpleasant situations but are now better equipped to begin dealing with how they react and shifting the locus to something else. Coaching can help identify these negative sources and help create coping mechanisms to improve the immediate environment and mitigate longer lasting impacts.

Make Today Remarkable, by being mindful of your surroundings,


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