How do You Describe Yourself?

I am a 60 year old father and grandfather. I have been married for nearly 40 years and am living in Calgary, Alberta. I coach and consult and it says ‘Provocateur’ on my business card.

I am a writer and a runner who loves southern California especially the weather in Oceanside where you can be on a paddle board or kayak every day. The Rockies are part of my life and the sight of them can stir my heart.

I read voraciously if not carefully. I take the words through my eyes into my ears into my head so I guess my tendency is towards auditory learning. I spell badly. I remember weird ‘Jeopardy’ stuff. I read a range of magazines and newspapers and my Netflix viewing is similar.

I am a follower of God in the way of Jesus, a recovering fundamentalist whose theology is now very liberal and affirming. I have preached 4 times in the last year and tell pointed stories for impact.

I am happy, confused, challenged, in love, curious, optimistic, philosophical, opinionated, brave, trusting, and impatient.

In those 5 general categories, how do you describe yourself?

Make Today Remarkable, by telling someone (us) about you,


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