Remarkable Weekend

Simple, relational, physical and fun – a remarkable way to spend the weekend, to set up a remarkable week. I am not sure if it is the chicken or the egg. Does a great week lead to a great weekend or visa-versa?

I had a great run in the forest to kick off Saturday morning and a hike to round out the day. Some yard work, bird watching and reading in between still left some time to enjoy the people that I was around. Laughter, learning, competition (boccee ball), and simply meals were enjoyed with a recognition of their importance.

I think we can be filled with joy and satisfaction if we set ourselves the goal to be filled with joy and satisfaction and when we veer from the course, bring ourselves back to the path.

My sore knee could have easily sidetracked a run and hike. The grass cutting, roof repair could have been drudgery with the wrong attitude. Even the raucous call from the blue jay could have  been annoying and I might have chosen to hear the neighbour’s conversation as disturbing rather than entertaining. If the information I learned about stink bugs (there were a lot of them) hadn’t been so interesting, it might have been disgusting.

Choosing satisfaction on the weekend has set me up for anticipation and excitement on Monday morning and if I stay on the path all week, I can’t imagine what Saturday might bring.

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