Who Needs You Today?

Look around, observe, be open. There are specific people in your life that need you, today. Be sure to honour them.

This week has been filled with great opportunities to be of service to those near me and folks that I don’t know. I am sure that I have missed more chances to add value to someone’s moment than those I acted on but by being aware and willing I have acted to assist a few each day. Nothing that took much time or effort; a quick encouraging email, a five minute phone call, a conversation before a meeting, a smile on a hiking trail, an agreement to pick up some pieces, a prayer, sharing a link that I found interesting, …

Be a giver today. Take on the responsibility for those you encounter and act to make their day better however you can. Simple acts, thoughtful words, extending yourself will change the moment for someone. How can you spend your day, in a better way? Add value and be of service – you will be better for it.

Make Today Remarkable, for someone else,


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